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 A resource on Riemann tensor etc. with torsion 
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Post A resource on Riemann tensor etc. with torsion
I found a site where someone worked through what happens to the Riemann tensor, etc. when you have a connection that has torsion. They describe what happens to the derivations in chapter 3 of Wald's General Relativity, which covers a lot of the same things that Chapter 14 of Road to Reality does. So, since Penrose talks a lot about torsion in Chapter 14, it's a good way to check your answers to exercises and get a better understanding of chapter 14 (which made me sweat mentally).
You can find further info on a lot of things in RTR easily by looking them up online, like in Wikipedia. But articles on connections with torsion do not abound, and I searched around a good deal for this one. The website is
http://www.slimy.com/~steuard/teaching/ ... orsion.pdf


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