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 Feedback and general interaction 
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Post Feedback and general interaction
I've been pleased to see some members (eg DimBulb and flashbang) posting their thoughts on this forum and generally giving some feedback in recent weeks.
I don't think there's anywhere near enough written participation from the many excellent members we have.
I have posted some discussion documents over the last 12 months or so asking explicitly for feedback on what I have written, but I never get any, although I can see that a lot of people are downloading the documents I've posted.
This forum would be a lot more interesting and lively if only we could get members to submit feedback/comments/constructive criticism from time to time instead of every post being met with a wall of silence!
Will the same happen in response to this post I wonder........?

15 Aug 2009, 17:30

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Post Re: Feedback and general interaction

Thanks for the encouragement.

For my part, I hope to be able to maintain momentum and continue to post comments as I work my way through the book. I'll have a look for your discussion documents and see whether I can comment on them at my stage of development!

16 Aug 2009, 12:12

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Post Re: Feedback and general interaction
Yes, thanks for the incouragement. Now that I have moved into my new house I can become much more active.


16 Aug 2009, 13:37
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