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Good work chasing typos
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Author:  roger desmoulins [ 17 Apr 2009, 01:29 ]
Post subject:  Good work chasing typos

I wish to praise the policing and reporting of typos that goes on in this forum. I am also pleased to read that typos are corrected with each printing. Penrose cares, his publisher cares, and best of all, you lot out there care.

This is important to me because my favourite book in the category of "physics books that challenge lay people, but who can still learn a lot from them and be exhilerated" is full of typos and errors. I have in mind Barrow and Tipler's Anthropic Cosmological Principle. If there have been ongoing reprintings with corrections, I don't know about them. I also like John Barrow's The Constants of Nature, but a USA mathematician reviewing it took him to task for its many errors.

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