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 Fig. 26.1 (Caption) 
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Post Fig. 26.1 (Caption)
For the annihilation operator in the boson case:
\phi _1^{(a}\phi _2^{\beta }\text{...}\phi _N{}^{\mu ]}\to \bar{\psi }_{\alpha }\phi _1^{(a}\phi _2^{\beta }\text{...}\phi _N{}^{\mu )}

Superficially, this seems inconsistent. Shouldn't it be:
\phi _1^{(a}\phi _2^{\beta }\text{...}\phi _N{}^{\mu )}\to \bar{\psi }_{\alpha }\phi _1^{(a}\phi _2^{\beta }\text{...}\phi _N{}^{\mu )}

It seems that the antisymmetrization closing bracket, ] , on the l.h.s. should be replaced by the symmetrization closing bracket, ) .

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