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Author:  Runner [ 08 Jun 2009, 19:04 ]
Post subject:  Some Solutions

I have some solutions on my site I tried to post the combined file here, but had some problems.

I am going away for a month, so won't be able to do more till mid July.


Author:  vasco [ 09 Jun 2009, 14:52 ]
Post subject:  Re: Some Solutions

Thanks for those solutions Sebastian. I was looking at your website and noticed that you had a link to the sorted solutions.
That link is now out of date and is not being updated. The new link can be found on this forum.
I also noticed that you were looking for a shorter solution to Ex 8.4. If you look on the forum and also on the NEW sorted solutions site you will see that I posted such a solution.

PS If you would like me to, I can put a link to your file, with all your solutions, on the new sorted solutions site. Let me know what you think.

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