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 Exercise [17.01] 
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I wish some of the folks who really understand this stuff would post answers to the "easy ones." It would be helpful to those like myself who are uncertain of our understanding. Maybe they will help correct/clarify if I take a stab at it:

As I understand it a "bundle connection" defines a "notion of constancy" for the bundle. In this case, it would define a preferred state of motion -- a unique rest frame where the location in E3 for successive instants would be constant. This is not acceptable if all states of uniform motion are to be equivalent and indistinguishable.

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I'm the same...

From a decidedly non-expert:

Looking at the chapter on bundle connections, they seem to tell you how to move through the bundles on moving around in the base space.

So, for example, on the Mobius strip, if you traverse the circle once, you end up upside-down. For others, you might stretch.

I'm guessing you don't really want to be doing anything in the E3 space just by moving around in the E1 time.

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I think the reason is that E1 is a straight line and you can not make a loop on it. Without the loop and freedom to curve, connection is not necessary. I guess.

02 Jan 2014, 21:38
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