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 Roger Penrose's academic background? 
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Post Roger Penrose's academic background?
Reading Roger Penrose's Wikipedia biography I see that he is labelled as a mathematical physicist, on a few other Wikipedia pages he is labelled as a mathematician and theoretical physicist. Yet, on most Internet pages he is simply labelled as a mathematician and his academic background seems to be that of a pure mathematician although with a specialization in geometry and topology which are closely related areas to what the physics of general relativity, string theory, etc, deal with.

So, out of curiosity, does anyone know if he actually has a physics degree of some sorts or is he simply what people would call a "polymath", i.e. a mathematician that excels in physics or other areas outside of pure math? Because if he doesn't have a formal physics degree, then that's maybe the best possible sales argument for his book since that would make him a living proof that you can indeed learn and excel in modern physics without a formal degree in that area (although of course a math degree would be of some help in such an endeavour ;) ).

07 Oct 2009, 03:57
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